Tips For Protecting Carpet

There is nothing better than walking into a room and seeing fresh clean carpet.  Carpet is a great covering for your floors and one that if treated well can last a lifetime.  If you have carpet flooring in your home or if you are considering getting it but haven’t, here are some tips to keep it clean.

Keep food in kitchen

carpet flooring

The house has many different rooms and the one that causes the most problem is the kitchen.  What I mean by this is the kitchen is where the food is located but we tend to avoid eating in it.  This can be because we don’t want to eat too much or because we would look silly watching television there.  In regard to the carpet, keep the food in the kitchen and you can avoid doing damage.

Manage your pets

Next to food, the pets are going to be the biggest mess makers.  As a pet owner we want to have our pet near us all the time.  However, most of our house is covered in carpet.  What some people do is have their pets outside and in crates.  I am not saying that this practice is good or bad but they do try to keep them from making a mess on the carpet.

Use Doormats and other coverings

Another great option is to have a doormat at the entrance to all of your doors.  This mat will be a great place where you can wipe off the bottom of your shoes as well as store your shoes while traveling through the house.  Another option is to have small throw rugs throughout the house.  These rugs can be positioned in areas where we place our feet onto the ground catching any dirt that we may transport.

Dirt is our enemy, doing whatever we can to prevent it from coming in contact with the carpet will be a great idea.